Become host family to an au pair

Does your family find it hard to match work routines with family life? Then hiring an au pair might be the right thing for you! There are many reasons to become host family for an au pair. Besides the practical benefits that an au pair can offer - like babysitting, help with lighter house work and language exchange - having an au pair is an inexpensive alternative compared to other kinds of childcare services.

Your family might be in need of an au pair if you:

  • Have difficulties matching work routines with family life
  • Need someone to babysit occasionally at nights or weekends
  • Want your children to improve their language skills
  • Need help with lighter household chores

Living with an au pair is a great experience for both the children and for you as host parents, and many host families stay in touch with their au pair even after they´ve returned to their home countries.



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Currently hundreds of Scandinavian au pairs are registered on the site, Charlotte from Sweden is one of them.

Charlotte from Sweden



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